Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Summer Bike Style

Oh friends. I made a pact with myself to ride my bike to work as often as possible this summer, and since the weather broke last week, I thought I was safe. Yesterday, though, I should have suited up a bit better, because it was cold. I think I almost lost a few fingers.

With thunderstorms in the forecast today, I gave myself a break, but I plan to be back in the saddle tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some things that have me thinking about summer biking in the city.

1. This I'm with Bluegrass t-shirt is merch from one of my favorite bands ever, the Punch Brothers (any old-school Nickel Creek fans out there? Anyone?). I get to see them on April 16th, and you can bet your booty this shirt is coming home with me. 16-year-old me is already jealous that she didn't get to wear it first.

2. This is one of my favorite maps of Pittsburgh, by Commonwealth Press. I live in Greenfield--can you spot it?

3. While we're talking maps, Woodcut Maps might be my new favorite design idea ever. Choose a location on Google Maps, choose up to four different woods, and they'll ship your map in two weeks. How beautiful is that?

4. Yes, this is a planter that attaches to your bike. Yes, it is orange with a teal elastic, and yes, it is holding succulents. No more needs to be said about this.

5. I'm addicted to gray sneakers, and these ones by Born look right up my alley. Sure, they're $95.00 a pair, but this is my bloggy dream world, so I'll do what I want. ((P.S., did anyone realize that Simple Shoes is on hiatus? So very, very sad. I should grab a pair from Zappos before they disappear forever.))

6. I can't wait to make one of these jersey, finger-knit bracelets, as shown in Vanessa Christenson's how-to. Can I rewind to a couple years ago when I donated all those old college t-shirts during a closet binge? There are accessories to be made!

The weather was perfect for my lunch break, so I got to have a nice lunch with my favorite boy and even sneak in an orange-pineapple ice cream cone. I'm so, so glad that the sun is back.


  1. The plant holder on the bike is AWESOME! I know several people who would love to have one of those

    1. Isn't it great? I know if I got one, people would give me all sorts of funny "that is completely impractical" eyebrows, and I totally wouldn't care.