Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dinner Plates

Who's in love with Anthropologie's new Experimental Glaze Dinnerware? This girl.

They imported the line from a factory in Portugal, and it was inspired by plates the factory had used and discarded for testing glazes. I know, I owe you guys posts on all kinds of stuff, and Anthropologie is every new-age girl's home designer wet dream, but give me a break--how could I not post about these? 

Lucky me, I've been to Portugal. It was only for a weekend, but it was long enough for me to fall slightly in love. These plates remind me of a stretch of buildings in Lisbon that were covered top to bottom in blue ceramic tile.

They remind me of late nights by the port, eating steaming bowls of rice and shell fish. They remind me of the blue blue sky, heavy with ocean smells. They remind me of learning Portuguese from a taxi driver who didn't mind at all that we were Americans who spoke mostly Spanish. Lua: Moon. Obrigada: Thank You. 

Sometimes, good design is about function and form. Other times, it's about memories and day dreams.

The question is: How can I get a job that lets me fly to Portugal to scour factories for beautiful dinner plates? 

Baby steps, jules, baby steps.

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