Thursday, September 29, 2011

Off Days, Days Off

Howdy, folks. This week has kind of flown by, and I didn't want to go a whole week without checking in. Monday I landed myself with some kind of mild food poisoning, which was awesome, so Tuesday I stayed at home to rest, and thought "Man, I can do all kinds of art stuff while I'm sipping chicken noodle soup and gatorade on the couch."

Fisherman, graffiti in Sevilla, Spain 2007
Not so. I spent most of the day sleeping off the nausea and watching bad television. I have some posts coming up about design trends gone wrong, an update on the book cover project, and the self-taught vs. classroom-taught designer debate--but for today, I bring you a quick list of what caught my eye during this morning's blog roll.
  • Lately, I've found Before and Afters to be a little bit of the same-old same-old, but this sofa made from old doors on Design*Sponge made me wish I had thought of it first. 
  • These block printed note cards by by Kate Sutlive of the Etsy shop Love & Reason reminded me that I have a block printing project of my own that I need to complete--and left me envious of their sharp composition.
  • And I don't have much to say about these photorealistic portraits by Omar Ortiz, except that they made my eyes fall out of my head. If anyone finds them rolling about on the floor, could you please give them a good spit shine and return them to me? Thanks. 
So that's all for me, at the moment. Tomorrow, I'm heading to North Carolina for a four day weekend to visit a dear friend of mine, so perhaps some photographs will be in order. Hopefully, I'll be able to send in my entry to the Re-Covered books contest before I go.

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