Sunday, April 28, 2013

Custom Order: Octopi, Revamped

Spring is finally upon us, and with it, bicycling season.

I just finished a custom helmet for a girl named Natalie out in California. It was my first official commission for Ferocious Ostrich Helmets, and it was so much fun to collaborate and create something unique for someone all the way across the country.

Natalie liked my original octopus design, but decided to put her own spin on it, requesting purple and green octopi with a blue and gold background. I found some great iridescent gold paint for the background and accents. These pictures were taken before I applied the glossy sealant, but the gold was still super cool in the finished product.

While I like coming up with my own designs, I think custom work is really where it's at. I'm looking forward to my next custom order. And thanks to Natalie for being an awesome first customer.

So how about it, Pittsburghers--have you been taking advantage of the good weather?

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