Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Process 6, by Casey Reas
I'm currently taking a digital imaging class, and we're working with a program called Processing. Has anyone ever worked with it? It's a program that essentially allows an artist to create digital work through the use of code. Images can be static, but the most interesting ones, in my opinion, are the ones that are interactive and full of movement.

So far, I have successfully made some rectangles and circles. And even some weird triangle things. Impressive, I know.

I have a long way to go before I can contend with Casey Reas' work. But I figure that's to be expected, since he is one of the creators of the program.
 Network A, a.k.a. Process 4 (Installation 2), by Casey Reas

Network A [1] from Casey REAS on Vimeo.

His work is really incredible, and I encourage you to poke around his site a bit and see what he's been able to create. I've never been particularly interested in digital images as fine art, but Reas has changed my mind significantly.

Unfortunately for me, this kind of programming requires a level of skill in math that I don't fully have a handle on. I left most of my knowledge about cosines and radians back in my highschool classroom. It would almost be worth cracking open the books again if it meant I could make things like this. Almost.

Also of interest: Rafael Rozendaal's interactive websites. I'm not sure what program (if any) he uses to create them, but they are addicting little bits of awesome. Have fun playing!

Special thanks to Casey Raes for his permission to post images.

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