Monday, January 9, 2012

Notebooks, First Days of School...and Ernest Hemingway

((Snarky Hemingway Notebook by MadebyRori on Etsy))

Classes started last week. I've already made my first post in the discussion forum of my online class, but tonight my Monday night class meets for the first time. I've already forgotten the notebook I wanted to bring with me. I'm resisting the urge to go back to the university bookstore and pick up another pack of Moleskine notebooks--but even if I do, you can never have too many Moleskines, amirite? 

I'm a little crazy nervous about this class, for no good reason--except that it counts for something. It's the first step toward the ultimate goal, and not just a class I'm taking for fun, like the Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian class I took a couple semesters ago. This one should be fun too, but it's carrying a little weight with it. 

To switch from notebooks to Hemingway, I watched Midnight in Paris this weekend. I didn't really care for the movie as a whole, but Hemingway was spot-on, with his semi-coloned sentences and his constant desire for a fight. That and Adrien Brody's impression of DalĂ­ had me sold--I could have watched both of them all night. 

So...first day of school. I'm shaking in my loafers.


  1. I hope it went ok!

    I am dying to see Midnight in Paris so I can make up my own mind about it! We're going to Paris in 5 weeks and it will be released just before we head out, so I can't wait. I know it's had mixed reviews!

  2. You really can never have too many Moleskines. I have three sitting on my desk right now, ready to record inspiration should it strike.

    And oddly, I feel like so many people have told me that they watched Midnight in Paris this past weekend. Maybe I need to get on that trend.

    Hope your class went well!

  3. Good news, girls: class was a success!

    @Hannah--definitely see it. It was worth it, and the shots of the city are beautiful. Though, I'm sure it will be much more beautiful when you get to see it in person! I'll try not to be jealous.

    @Brandi--I didn't get them yesterday, but I might just go and get some today. Now that the idea is in my head, I just have to.