Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Melting Point

As a Christmas gift, I bought my little sister two spots at the Pittsburgh Glass Center's Make It Now event, which took place last Monday. She was off school, I was off work--it was a perfect setup. I've taken her to a Make It Now event before, where she made a glass bead and a paperweight. The bead was a huge hit, since she got to make most of it herself, so I made sure that she got to make two this time. I get to pick them up for her this weekend.

If you've never seen people blow glass in person, it's something you definitely need to do. The Glass Center studio is a super cool building, made of steel beams and concrete and giant windows. Just being there makes me want to roll up my sleeves and dig in. One more reason for me to get my own studio space up and running.

((mmmm a ferocious tumblr.))


  1. i was definitely intrigued by blowing glass and I really want to do it! (even if it's just to watch)

  2. This looks so fun. I am amazed at people who can blow glass!